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We are Blak & Tammy, a mother - daughter wedding & lifestyle photography team based out of Central Florida. Warm, authentic, filled with emotions moments are what we love to capture. The pure happiness you can hear through laughter or feel through a tight bear hug. Those moments are what it is all about. We strive for you to leave loving yourself and your people more than you ever thought you could. 

we're blak & tammy

We're blak & tammy

Hey friends, we are so glad you are here! 
We are passionate about stories & believe that each person has their own beautifully unique story that is so worth telling. Life has taken us down many different roads, some of those rather messy while others were beautiful, but each of these journeys created this beautiful story that looking back on is something that can bring a smile to our faces & is something we never want to forget. Your stories matter just as much, deserve to be told, & we are passionate about helping you tell your story.  

As we have been creating this beautiful little business of ours we have been so blessed with each person we've met along the way! We love that we are able to touch others lives with what we love to do while getting to become friends with our clients along the way! 

favorite things:

01. majorly obsessed with outlander book series.

02. I have the cutest puppy ever!

03. my favorite starbucks order is a peach green tea lemonade

01. I have an (un) healthy love of Hallmark Movies. 



02. favorite way to relax is with a good book in my hand.

03. Carmel will always be good in anything.

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We believe that each person has a unique journey all their own & that there is no wrong turn on that journey, only winding roads. We love being able to join others on their journey being able to capture all those beautiful little moments along the way. Whether its 5 minutes down the road or a plane ride away we are down for where ever life takes you. From going into a freezing cold spring in our jeans (yes we have done that while gators & otters were in the water with us) to dancing downtown in the pouring rain. We will always be down for a good adventure & will forever love finding the most unique places that speak to you!

What Matters To Us:

Blak & Tammy

This "job" is so much more to us than just showing up, capturing your moment & leaving. We give our hearts & time to our clients doing what ever we can to make sure we capture who you truly are. We want to truly get to know you & your loved ones as more than just clients. We don't want to just become your photographer... we want to become friends too! We will always aim to be that friend who is your biggest supporter ready to pump you up & cheer you on. A friend who will always be there for what ever you need whether thats a tea from Starbucks or some sweet puppy snuggles (cause you know we have those!) That friend who builds you up & helps you to see just how insanely beautiful you & your unique story truly are..

What Matters To Us

Blak & Tammy

We always get the question "what do you guys actually photograph?" & our answer is really just about anything. While there are certain forms of photography we adore & lots of other areas we want to get into what matters most to us is capturing that connection. That pure joy or beautiful love. From graduating seniors, to families or portraits, maternity into newborns & everything in between! The joy & love we feel for those we love are in the little moments around us. The joy of a graduating seniors face realizing they have finally "made it" or the laughs from kids as they get tickled & bear hugged by their moms & dads. The love between a husand & wife as they realize they are going to be parents soon or the tear of joy & smiles of pride as families introduce us to their newest little ones. Those are the moments that happen all around us & are what we love to know we are capturing. 

What Matters To Us

Blak & Tammy

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