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Hey friends, we are so glad you are here! 
We are a mother-daughter photography team based out of Orlando, FL. One moved into the sunshine state from North Carolina. The other was born & raised in the sunshine state, has never seen snow & gets pretty dang excited for a hurricane party! 

We are passionate about stories & believe that each person has their own beautifully unique story that is so worth telling. Life has taken us down many different roads, some of those rather messy while others were beautiful, but each of these journeys created this beautiful story that looking back on is something that can bring a smile to our faces & is something we never want to forget. Your stories matter just as much, deserve to be told, & we are passionate about helping you tell your story.  

As we have been creating this beautiful little business of ours we have been so blessed with each person we've met along the way! We love that we are able to touch others lives with what we love to do while getting to become friends with our clients along the way! 

My name is Blak Walters & I am one half of Blak & Tammy Photography! 
Photography has always been something that I loved. Whether it was getting my picture taken or taking photos of my family i was always near a camera. It wasn't until I was 16 with my first (very own) DSLR camera in the middle of Nicaragua that I realized how much I truly loved it all. It was my first mission trip that I was asked to photograph & is something i will never forget. To see the kids face light up (and i mean LIGHT UP) when they saw a photo of themselves. To see families come out from miles away to get their first ever family photo taken together. It suddenly made me realize how impactful a camera can truly be. 

For me, the real authentic moments showing pure love for one another or maybe tears of joy is a huge part of what my "job" is all about. I know first hand how incredibly important it is to capture & cherish the love between those who are closest to us which makes it extra special & beautiful to be able to capture that beauty! I want to capture you & your loved ones the way you are. I want to show your story exactly the way it is. Each of us have such unique stories that are beautiful in their own way & deserve to be told. 

My name is Tammy Lambdin & I am the other half of Blak & Tammy Photography. When I’m not behind the lens I am in the NICU taking care of our tiny babies. I absolutely love working with our tiny babies & their families who love them so much. While the NICU is never where you want your child to be I find beauty & reward in helping families navigate through a tough journey & love being apart of helping them find a beautiful moment in each day. 

Through out my life I have always cherished photo's filled with true authentic love. The ones that put a smile on your face & are cherished through out your lifetime simply because they show your beautiful personal stories. Through out my life I have faced many rough & dark moments but it was the photo's that captured the moments of love & pure joy that got me through those sometimes painful times. The photo's filled with love & pure joy reminded me that life is to be enjoyed & truly lived to its fullest surrounded by those you love most. I have always loved photography but never realized how much fulfillment I would have in capturing other peoples uniquely beautiful stories. I want to capture those photos that will be cherished for generations and hung high on the wall for people to be reminded of the love & good times in their lives.

i only need coffee on days that end with "y"

a day with my pup is always a good day. 

xo, Blak & Tammy

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"Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong."
- 1 Corinthians 10:13


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'I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection."
- Emily Ley 


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"above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."
- Proverbs 4:23


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